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 /alpha glucan yeast

An extract that supports the detoxification of the skin through the reinforcement of autophagy, a natural regeneration process eliminating metabolic waste on a cellular level.


An amino acid which gently balances the skin's pH levels.


/cedarwood essential oil

A characteristic aroma extracted from Cedar roots and branches, it has a calming effect to ease the mind and body.


/co2 compensation

A program offsetting the production of carbon emmissions. /skin regimen/ supports a reforestation project in collaboration with the Natural Capital Partners company in Kenya, to compensate for CO2 emmissions created during packaging production.


/cross-linked hyaluronic acid

An effective hydrating molecule that protects the skin from hyaluronidase, a family of enzymes that catalyse the degradation of hyaluronic acid. It creates a protective barrier to keep the skin hydrated for long-lasting moisture and plumping of the skin.


/citric acid

A gentle organic acid that weakens the bonds between corneocytes for an effective skin peel.


/copahu essential oil

Extracted from the tree resin of the Copaifera Officinalis, its soothing aroma eases tension and anxiety.





/dandelion extract

A botanical extract that detoxifies and protects the skin from pollutants to preserve the skin's luminosity.


/functional aroma

A /skin regimen/ curated blend of 100% natural essential oils with reinvigorating and rebalancing properties. It is synergised with Juniper, Copahau, Rosewood, and Cedarwood aromas.



A poly-hydroxy acid providing gentle exfoliation and hydration for the skin. Acting on the epidermis, the corneocyte structure is weakened to encourage cellular regeneration.


/green plastic

Plastic derived from sugarcane.



Glycation is a process whereby sugars digested from processed foods bind to other proteins in the body. This may cause damage to the elasticity and tone of the skin by attacking collagen proteins and therefore accelerate the skin's aging process.


/hyaluronic acid

Naturally produced in connective and epithelial tissues, hyaluronic acid is a moisture-binding molecule delivering plump and hydrated skin. As the body progressively ages, concentrations of hyaluronic acid tend to decrease leading to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.



An excessive immune response to foreign agents in the body, this can cause irritation, sensitivity and breakouts compromising the skin's health.


/juniper essential oil

A botanical extract with a neurotonic property that calms the nerves to relieve tension and de-stress the mind and body. Its scent is distinctively refreshing and woody.


/lifestyle aging

An acceleration of the aging process catalysed by pollutants in the environment and by lifestyle choices.

/longevity complex ™

An exclusive formula of organic superfood extracts, and a high-tech molecule, carnosine. Containing Wild Indigo, Maqui Berry, and Spinach, these superfood extracts support the skin's response to stress and aging.


/macro hyaluronic acid

With a high molecular weight and ability to absorb moisture from the air, it immediately provides visible plumping and hydration to the outer layer of the skin.


/micro hyaluronic acid

With a reduced molecular weight, it is able to penetrate deeper layers of the skin to provide moisture from the inside-out.


A foundational biochemical process in the body that supports vital processes of DNA function, inflammation, mood, and immune functions.


/modern plant chemistry ™

The formulation philosophy of /skin regimen/ ensures that all products contain effective concentrations of powerful botanicals and high-tech molecules designed for functional results. /skin regimen/ formulas synergise cooling massageable textures and a reinvigorating natural aroma. Every product contains only beneficial ingredients needed for the skin and nothing more.


/natural origin ingredient

Ingredients derived from plants, minerals or microbial sources formed in natural processes. These are formulated with minimal processing, simplified extraction methods or from natural biological processes.



A process of oxygen combustion taking place in cells that produce destructive free radicals. Oxidation can be caused by pollutants, stress or metabolic reactions. Overall, this can cause cellular imbalance and visible wrinkles on the skin.



A widely used preservative in cosmetic products. These are not used in /skin regimen/ products and are replaced with gentler alternatives.


/persian silk tree extract

A botanical extract with anti-glycation properties. This creates firmer skin by supporting collagen proteins.



Gases, particles and natural by-products which form toxic substances affecting our skin health.

/particulate matter

A type of polluntant inducing inflammation and oxidation that stimulate the degradation of collagen.


/paul's wort extract

A botanical extract concentrated with darutoside, an activating agent supporting the production of elastin and collagen.


/rosewood essential oil

A botanical aroma which ease tensions for a calmer mind and encourage feelings of empowerment and happiness. It is known to help treatment of depression.



Synthetic polymers that create a temporary appearance of smooth skin by filling crevasses in the skin. This ingredient is not used in our products as they do not provide true skincare results. Rather we use natural butters and oils to deeply nourish and protect the skin.

/sls (sodium laureth sulfate) and sles (sodium lauryl ether sulphate

Strong surfactants found in personal care products used as foaming agents, emulsifiers or for detergents. These are not used in our products to ensure that the skin is gently and delicately cleansed.



Tulsi or Tulasi is a sacred Indian herb, commonly known as holy basil. It is used widely in Ayurvendic medicine for its anti-bacterial and detoxifying properties. The oil acts as a protectant for the skin to deliver a radiant and revived appearance.


A deep penetrating peptide that mimics the action of TGA-beta, a natural protein that stimulates the renewal of collagen in the skin. It supports firming of the skin and the correction of wrinkles.


/unicellular microalgae (euglena gracilis)

High in bioactive compounds, unicellular microalgae stimulate cellular metabolism to provide an energy boost for the skin. It is activated upon the release of Calcium and cellular ATP production.



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